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I Used to be an Animal Lover: an extraordinary and eclectic collection of short stories




Genres: Children's Books, Pets & Animals, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Print & Digital

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I Used to be an Animal Lover is an impressive and diverse collection of 49 stories by 18 authors from around the world. Containing micro, flash, short, and longer fiction, literary and genre, traditional narratives, and some weird stuff, this anthology is a celebration of the creatures with whom we share the world. Here is the animal kingdom in all its glory. An anthropomorphic paradise in which we find a wallaroo berating a koala for his laziness, a spider removing its blessing and protection from the home of an arachnophobe, and a Scarlet Macaw who risks his life to save his endangered flock. There's a cow of remarkable intelligence, bravery and persistence, an outraged and ostracized otter, and a troubled tadpole who is struggling emotionally with the changes taking place in his body. In other stories, the owner of an exotic pet goes takes extreme measures to feed his beloved beast and a high society dachshund who lives with a Swedish Diva gets into some trouble with the law. You can read a dog's perspective on human canine relations, get inside the head of a dying fox, and learn about butterflies who drink the tears of turtles. But wait, there's more: A spider, a fly, and a beetle have a chat in a public toilet. A journalist travels to a Congolese village to investigate strange commercial dealings. A paranormal animal detective is called to a zoo to investigate a mystery. The final great deception perpetrated by a giant octopus. The four sacred creatures of Vietnamese mythology meet over coffee to discuss their relevance.

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Book Type: Print & Digital


Language: English

Pages: 296

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Heavy metal lover and cricket tragic, D.A. Cairns lives on the south coast of News South Wales where he works as a freelance writer. He has authored seven novels and had over 100 of his short stories published, as well as an anthology and a memoir. His 10th and latest book is an anthology of animal themed stories; a companion volume to his memoir, I Used to be an Animal Lover which bears the same title.

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