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Desire's Tryst




Genres: Erotica, Romance, Suspense

Book Type:Digital

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In a tale of friendship gone awry, Derek and Maddox were inseparable since their days at private school. Everything changes when Derek's fiancée, Adira, perishes in a tragic fire that Derek believes is Maddox's fault. Fueled by revenge, Derek schemes to ruin Maddox's flourishing philanthropic foundation . But as Derek digs deeper, he uncovers shocking evidence that absolves Maddox—it wasn't his fault Adira died. Meanwhile, mysterious sabotage still threatens Maddox's Foundation As the stakes escalate, it becomes chillingly clear that the true villain may be among their family or friends, but who is willing to go so far? Facing shattered friendships and betrayals, the trio must uncover the truth before Maddox's life's work is destroyed. This suspenseful narrative explores the dark complexities of loyalty, revenge, and the surprising ways people can change.

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