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A Secret Love Affair




Genres: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Books



Book Type:Print & Digital

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Sienna is about to start her first semester of college at Crystal River University. The small town girl who has always been known to be shy and reserved is about to experience one of the biggest changes in life. Her friends are all back home and so is her boyfriend Andrew. Will Crystal River University bring unexpected changes into her life? Will college life help Sienna realize that there's more to life than being a good girl who always does what's expected of her? Paige is only at Crystal River University because her parents threatened to cut her off if she didn't do something with her life. Recently single, the reckless, outspoken, party girl is in self destruct mode and determined to forget her ex by any means necessary. Will Paige get her life together or will she continue down the path she's on? Both girls are stepping out of their comfort zones and are challenged with a brand new environment. What will happen when their lives cross paths at Crystal River University? Find out in this epic story of two women who think they know who they are but will soon be finding out that life has a huge curveball in store for them.

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Book Type: Print & Digital


Language: English

Interior: BW

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Mom of 1, In love with my best friend of 10 years, Lesbian Romance Author, Bookworm, and Gamer.

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