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One to One : Manging quality time with individuals for engagement and success




Genres: Advice & How-To, Business & Money, Nonfiction

Book Type:Print & Digital

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This book gives the reader a step by step guide on how to obtain and maintain sustainable competitive advantage through the correct management of individuals in today’s workplace. More importantly, it’s about giving purpose to people at work and increasing their engagement to both you as their manager and the organisation as a whole. Engagement or the lack of it is one of the major challenges that companies face today and for the foreseeable future. This lack of engagement results in extremely high costs to organisations in terms of retention (the lack of), leading to excessive turnover costs, unreasonably high recruitment and training costs as well as a lowering of productivity. This book demonstrates how employee engagement can be improved through the proper running of one-to-one meetings. It gives very clear step-by-step guidance and instructions about everything that needs to be done to run these meetings in the most optimal way possible. Ultimately, this book demonstrates both how and why running effective one-to-one meetings with individuals properly results in the creation of additional value for companies both for today and tomorrow. This, in turn, leads to a situation where everyone wins: you as the manager, the employee and the organisation.


Employee engagement, together with its importance and contribution to the overall success of business, is one of the most talked about and strategic subjects today across all companies, organisations and sectors. In particular, how do you set about trying to improve on your employees’ level of engagement with their work, the organisation and, most of all, with their managers? Before looking at some of the statistics regarding this subject, let’s look first at how we might define employee engagement? According to me, engaged employees are: “Those who find true purpose in the workplace and who are committed to their work and those they work with.”

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Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9798697224250

Edition: 1

Publisher: Robertson Hunter Stewart


Language: English

Pages: 108

Interior: BW

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My experience as an employee and manager has now stretched over a period of nearly 40 years, during which time I've had numerous opportunities to learn. Arriving in France in 1992 and not speaking a word of French I managed to work my way up from cleaner to General Manager of some of the biggest Luxury Hotels in Europe (three of those hotels with a thousand rooms or more). ​ During the course of my career I have led teams from a handful to several hundred. I now teach management to Masters and Bachelors students in both English and French at reputed management schools in Paris France. I also coach and mentor executives and managers on an individual basis. Last but certainly not least I also run a training company with my partner in Paris. ​ I live in France between the west coast (Vendée) and Paris but tend to spend the majortiy of my time in the capital due to my various work obligations and activities. My greatest interest and passion is for people management and the way that this is evolving and what it is evolving towards.

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