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Against her will (Runaway Regency Brides Book 1)




Genres: Historical Fiction, Romance

Book Type:Print & Digital

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FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED Regina Darcy's Runaway Brides series leaves her characters breathless as opposites attract in the most unlikely circumstances... The Duke of Summersby, James Carlington, is eccentric to say the least. Fed up with being harangued about not yet tying the proverbial knot he decides to focus his energies on one knot that he can undo - that of a debt to the duchy by a dastardly viscount. His solution to the problem might be considered extreme by most and crazy by everyone, but it is about to steer him head-on to a maiden who is woman enough to make him want to change his bachelor ways. Pity she is already promised to another. Lady Georgette Davis is a devoted daughter and a diamond of the first waters. Pity no-one but her father will ever know this. Her devotion to family is such that she will never leave her ailing mother. Through a twist of fate, that choice is taken out of her hands, twice no less! But whatever the circumstances, she will not allow her head to be turned by the maddening and darkly handsome Duke of Summersby. But sometimes the best laid plans are laid to ruins by destiny. An arranged marriage, a runaway bride and a scandal the likes the ton has never seen.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

Publisher: CleanandWholesomeRomance


Language: English

Keywords: , ,


Group of Indie authors publishing Clean and Wholesome romance books on Amazon. Main Authors are Regina Darcy and Hope Sinclair. Author page below:

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