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Paul isn’t at school to learn, he’s there to be fed. Though they often have no voice, a problematic child will more than likely have a tale to tell. Not that Paul would ever let slip the shame he hides. Weighed down for so long with insecurities, the scruffy kid already feels isolated from his peers. These formative years of secondary school, where confidence can be shattered by a single taunt, do not encourage children to speak out. If Paul’s secrets were ever known, no good would come of it, only humiliation. So he disguises his anguish behind a facade of roughness. Paul excels at naughtiness; takes pride in being the baddest. It’s his only talent, and it’s been sharpened by his wayward upbringing. And if anything is going to break the monotony of learning, it’s being sent out to the empty corridor. Glimpse Paul’s life in the 1980s, follow him through school and the streets, witness his crimes. Understand his motives but don’t judge him too harshly. Real life is never straightforward and the choices we make are not always sound. Why should Paul’s be any different?

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A Black Country Lad who now lives in the Black Boy Land or Schwarzbubenland as it is called in Switzerland. A difficult start has given spice and excitement to what was destined to be a dull life. Or that's how I see it. Raised by my father, the youngest of five I spent many hours Playing Out. My school years - Empty Corridors - were disruptive. An inconvenience standing in-between my freedom and the big wide world. Uneducated and somewhat troubled I went to London. I spent around twelve years working as a rent-boy - Paulyanna - I did some travelling. In 2000, whilst in Ibiza I found a husband (civil partner) and a new chapter in my life began. Now I write.

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