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The Emerald Isle Trilogy Finding Ellie




Genres: Romance

5 / 5 (1 rating)

1 review


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Refunds Allowed:No

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After receiving a letter confirming the official date of her divorce, children's book author, Ellie Sullivan takes her best friends advice and decides to "do something Ellie would never do". Before she knows it she finds herself in Ireland where she literally bumps into Doolin's perpetual bachelor, Aidan. Ellie takes an immediate dislike to the rude but handsome Irishman. But she’s also taken aback by her reaction to him. Aidan is living his life just fine. But when a pretty face accidentally bumps into him he’s angry with himself for the instant attraction and takes it out on her. He will never make his father’s mistakes by letting a woman in his heart. Not even petite Ellie Sullivan whose lips are begging to be kissed.


“Why did I do this? What the hell made me think I could do this?” Her eyes filled with tears of fear and defeat and she banged the steering wheel with a closed fist. Ellie had never really been alone in her life and now look at her, attempting to navigate a foreign country by herself to prove a point, to prove that she would be fine without Chad, that she could be someone without him. She should turn around right now, she thought. Go back to the airport and get on the first flight out. A sudden tapping at her window made her jump and she looked over to see an elderly man waving at her. She rolled down her window, giving him a watery smile. “Are you all right lass?” he asked Ellie with a concern that made her tear up even more. Other than Poppy and her parents, Ellie couldn’t really remember the last time someone else showed concern for her. Certainly not from Chad who would only show any emotion for anyone, including his own wife, if it didn’t tarnish his image. She chastely wiped at her tears and nodded to the kind gentleman. “Yes, I’m just a little overwhelmed at the moment.” The old man looked at her oddly. Probably wondering what she could possibly be overwhelmed about, she thought and would not trouble him with the details as to why. “Do you know how far I am from Doolin?” she asked, instead. “Ah Doolin, it’s only a bit up the way.” and he pointed down the road. At least she had been going to right way.

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Language: English

Pages: 216

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Wife and mother from East Coast Canada. I write the stories I want to read myself. Finding Ellie is very loosely based on a part of my life.

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5 / 5 (1 rating)


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Complex Characters Drive the Story


Reviewed On:

Still reading, but some initial thoughts. Good character development and emotionally charged. A heartbreak turned love story/ world adventure for Ellie, who deals with love and loss through the power of writing.

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