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Genres: Action & Adventure, Literature & Fiction, Romance

Book Type:Digital

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Ronald ‘Ron’ Powers takes his first vacation in five years with his lovely fiancée, Natalie. After five years of building a multimillion-dollar company, he wants to give Natalie a surprise destination wedding in romantic Jamaica. After all, that’s all the rage now. The surprise is on Ron and Natalie, now kidnapped and held for a ransom. Ron must discard all his ‘dainty’ beliefs and fight for their survival in any way, he can. With an unlikely hero aiding them and Ron doing things he never thought he would do; they just might survive a day in Jam


"Are you okay?" he asks. He gently pries the gun from my hand. He gives it to John. "Is he dead?" I ask. "Yes, he's dead," he whispers. "Fucking hell! I shot the sheriff. I didn't mean to. I just wanted to stop him from killing you. I couldn't let him do that. He had his gun to your head, Jay. I …"

Book Details

Book Type: Digital

Edition: 1

Publisher: JODI LAYNE


Language: English

Pages: 73

Interior: BW

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Jodi Layne loves and writes about all things supernatural, and a multi-genre writer, who has something for everyone in her works. She's a worker bee who writes on her downtime. You'll find her books are easy to read, a bit of humor here and there, written against the norm and usually based on a case of 'what if'? She loves to write novellas. Jodi will tell you that she's not writing the 'next great American' novel, just stories that make you laugh, smile, or cry for a little while. Other than writing, she loves KDramas, JDramas, CDramas, TDramas. You can follow Jodi on these sites: Twitter: @JodiLayne2 Instagram: laynejodi Discord: laynejodi Facebook: Tumblr: laynejodi

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