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Lost in a Quatrain




Genres: Nonfiction, Poetry, Society & Culture


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Lost in a Quatrain is a very relatable, inspiring and thought provoking read on a journey to becoming, a journey of hope and healing. Written over an 18 year period, Lost in a Quatrain is a select collection of deep, must-read, soul stirring poetry with each poem telling a story that pieces together the puzzle of this crazy, not always romantic, experience we call life... Most of the poems in the collection were initially never intended for publishing but written for the poet's eyes only in a cathartic attempt to make sense of the world. It was only after being persuaded by a former English teacher, at a fateful meeting decades later, that thoughts of publishing the collection were planted. With just 48 poems that read like short stories, Lost in a Quatrain is a quick, but deeply contemplative read. 'Poetry is intimacy between poet and reader. It's revealing your truth and having safe acceptance in the unveiling' REVIEWS: "...I am so deeply touched by your gift and moved by many of your poems. You are a Tiger Butterfly and this grandma has often been sore! Wise words, deep thoughts, lovely images and through it all shines a loving and perceptive woman... I shall return to it with pleasure and sometimes tears." - DR MARGUERITE POLAND - Best Selling Author of Shades "... Adiela clearly loves playing with words that flow and dance upon the reader's tongue. Her skilful crafting includes depth, layering, tone, rhythm, vivid imagery and the presence of lived experience often provoking deeper thought. A very versatile poet whose poems linger long after you have read them." - EDRIS KHAMISSA - International Motivational Speaker "One of the most beautiful poetry collections I've read this year was Lost in a Quatrain by South African author and poet Adiela Akoo. There were many poems that I could relate to and others pertaining to moments in South African history. Lost in a Quatrain includes several deep pieces such as "Not Enough," "Broken Winged Bird," "Are YOU Ready?" "As the Rain Pitter-Pattered," "Wrapped Up," just to name a few. There are many and I enjoyed them all." - NADA ADEL SOBHI - Poet and former Editor-in-Chief of "The Muse", Cairo University "5 STARS: When you truly reflect on life, you come up with such creations. I like the way Adiela (Akoo) has weaved simple poetic stories out of the complex strings of life in which humans remain entangled. From social to soul exploration, all has been done and depicted neatly in this poetic beauty. As a poet, I especially relate to the poetry style that is made very understandable, yet churned out of an ocean's depth." - RUCHIKA PAHWA - Poet/Author


Aloof? Aloof you say? I’m so sorry if I made you feel that way. It’s really not my intention, Though the reaction is of my own invention. You see, long ago I built a wall, A defence mechanism as I recall. So for me to draw close, is still very hard, After misplacing that important trust card. - Adiela Akoo (Lost in a Quatrain)

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Adiela Akoo is an award winning South African poet and author. She has been internationally and locally published in well over twenty anthologies and publications including Best of Africa, Best Emerging Poets of 2019, The Penmen Review, Fidelities, Universul Culturii, 25 Years of Freedom, International Literary and Art Review (ILA), and others. Her poem "Whiplash" was quoted in The House of Parliament. She was nominated as one of the Top 7 'Most Promising Literary Influencers' in the GBCAwards 2020. She is a recipient of the prestigious DUX Award, a recipient of The Silver Star Award from the Global Literary Society for excellent contribution to world literature, and others. Lost in a Quatrain is her soul stirring debut collection of relatable, inspirational and thought provoking poetry on a journey to becoming, a journey of hope and healing. Adiela believes that the best thing about being a writer is having the capacity to touch the heart of another being with your words. So it brings her immense joy when readers respond to Lost in a Quatrain by saying, "I love this book, it touched my heart', "This helped my soul heal", "This book made me smile... and cry", "I felt as if you were writing about me", 'This is soul food" Adiela is a passionate Ambassador of Literacy and has volunteered her time in the position of Vice Chair of Litasa, (KZN), The Literacy Association of South Africa. Adiela resides in Pietermaritzburg with her three grown children and husband, a medical doctor serving at one of the three major government hospitals in the city, in the front line of the covid war.

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