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Fantastic children's book

My five year old son absolutely loves this book after enjoying the first one of the series so much. A few exciting turns in the story that took him by surprise and had him hanging on the edge of his bed, quite literally. Rainbow Dust and the Moon is a well written and magical story with beautiful illustrations to support it. SJ Dawson has such an amazing imagination that your children will love; they will meet the man on the moon, find out what sweet treat the moon is made of and see what terrible creature lurks on the dark side. The series is one that will grow with your children, just like Jessica and Lucy have grown since the first book, and I recommend it to anyone who likes unicorns. We are looking forward to the third book in the series and see Jessica and Lucy's next adventure.

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Thanks Donna for your review I am so pleased your son loved this book as much as the first.

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