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Rainbow Dust and the Moon




Genres: Action & Adventure, Children's Books, Literature & Fiction

5 / 5 (1 rating)

1 review

Book Type:Print & Digital

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Jessica returns to the magical world high in the clouds to see her friend Lucy. There, she meets another unicorn called Rufus and the trio go on an exciting adventure to see the man in the moon. But Jessica's curiosity about the dark side of the moon soon leads to trouble, as she tumbles down the side and into a crater. This fabulous story is filled with fun, friendship, adventure and just a little bit of danger.


Jessica stares in wonder at the world below, then turns in horror. Lucy and Rufus are sitting eating bits of the moon and licking the gooey contents from their hooves. 'You can't eat the moon!' 'Of course you can, it's yummy.' 'What is it made of?' 'Marshmallow,' they answer, licking their furry faces.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781912677139

Publisher: Purple Parrot Publishing


Language: English

Pages: 34

Interior: Color

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SJ Dawson started writing in 1995 following a kidney transplant and wrote her first children's story Rainbow Dust in 1996. In 2018 her kidney function dropped to a level at which she could no longer work so, she returned to her writing. She signed a contract in February 2019 with Purple Parrot Publishing and Rainbow Dust was released world wide in the July.

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Books Overall Rating:

5 / 5 (1 rating)


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Fantastic children's book


Reviewed On:

My five year old son absolutely loves this book after enjoying the first one of the series so much. A few exciting turns in the story that took him by surprise and had him hanging on the edge of his bed, quite literally. Rainbow Dust and the Moon is a well written and magical story with beautiful illustrations to support it. SJ Dawson has such an amazing imagination that your children will love; they will meet the man on the moon, find out what sweet treat the moon is made of and see what...

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Thanks Donna for your review I am so pleased your son loved this book as much as the first.

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