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I am the author of the best-selling memoir titled "Addicted To Dimes, Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat" released in May 2013 and a contributing author of a compilation book titled "Ten The Hard Way: Real Voices of Recovery," both are available on Amazon, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble. I am a former contributing writer for "InRecovery Magazine." I am now a Columnist for "Keys To Recovery" newspaper out of Southern California, a vital paper and free online publication for those living a recovery lifestyle. I am a Gambling Recovery Expert, speaker, advocate, and recovery writer on "Bet Free Recovery Now (dot)com. "Gambling Addiction does not discriminate nor has no boundaries on whom it 'touches' or the lives it claims famous or not."... My first passion will always be caring about and helping others find their way to recovery from gambling addiction to stop suffering in silence and I've maintained recovery for over 14+ years from addicted gambling. I now continue to advocate, educate, and raise awareness about this silent addiction that requires "No Substances." My second passion is my love of writing, book marketing & consulting for authors as my home-based business of "Lyon Literary Services & Consulting. My blog for all things literary is called "Cat Lyon's Reading & Writing Den"... Looking for a strategic affordable marketing plan? Email me today at [email protected], and let's work together! I am a Crazy CAT LOVER with three fur babies, and reside in N. Phoenix Arizona and So. Oregon, with my husband of 31+yrs. What more do I need?

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