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SCROLL TO BOTTOM OF PAGE FOR BOOKS, THANKS, ZATANNA Welcome to My World. I didn't start Truly Living in it myself until Experiencing My first moment of True Helplessness. As we walk the World Day to Day, there's Endless Responsibilities weighing us down. Taking away our Joy. Yes, you can try to enjoy the Day, but what about taking care of this or doing that. Maybe you should be doing all of those things instead of Fully Enjoying your Day . . . Or, we could go to the Bar, do some Drugs, trying to just Relax. Trust me, this doesn't work. The moment you've finally taken enough to Relax, to just forget about your worries, is also the same moment your Senses are so Dulled, you miss or forget the Pleasure. There was your chance to bring back your Joy . . . too bad you won't remember it. Imagine with me a Different and Way Better Option. Imaging the moment where none of your other Endless Responsibilities matter. They just don't matter because even if you wanted to work on them, you can't. There's no Guilt here. When the choice of enjoying every Second of Pleasure becomes Your Only Choice. Now imagine this with all of your Senses Heightened as the Memory of this moment stays with you Long After . . . I'm sharing with my True reasons for enjoying Bondage. To be Tied Helplessly. To Tie Another Helplessly. To be Bound naked Breasts to Breasts while Helpless. To share my Stories of the Helpless with you, My Much Loved Reader. As you can see the Common word is Helpless. Let me explain why you Must be Helpless for the Pleasure to Fully take over your Body, Soul and Mind. For your Mind to Fully enter the World of Pure Pleasure you must first be completely Un-Bound from your Endless Responsibilities. As long as the choice to work on them exists, you will Never be Free of them, not even for a moment. This can Only Happen once you’re Completely, Totally, Utterly Helpless. If you can Houdini your way loose, if you can talk your way out, if you can just use your Puppy Dog Eyes and Sad face to be release, Then You Were Never Helpless. WARNING: Many of my Stories involved No Safe-Word, Not knowing your Safe-Word, being Gagged and unable to say your Safe-Word. This can and is Very Dangerous, as you'll learn through the eyes of some of my Characters. For myself, my Characters and you seeing through their eyes, this takes the overall experience, pain & pleasure to the Next Level. A level that just can't be reached if all they need to do is yell "Purple Banana! Purple Banana!". No Safe-Word = Completely Helpless. If this makes you uncomfortable, it's ok, different kinks. There's endless Books available which I'm sure will meet your specific preferences. For myself and my Characters . . . this is the Path we choose to walk. It's the only Path to Pure Pleasure. Of course, this Path doesn't always end well . . . In fact it can end very badly for those who realized too late . . . where they made that fatal mistake . . . No matter how a story may end for my Character . . . the Journey there will take them to levels of Heightened Senses, Extreme Pleasures & Pains beyond anything they could have experienced when not Helpless. Mind you, neither you nor I will ever be there for a Character's Death. We may watch them heading in what seems like an inevitable path. But it's up to you the reader to finish that part of the Story in your mind. Did they just take their last breath? Did the Maid walk in at the last minute? Did there Lover come back to set them Free? Or to Torture and Tease them more? It's up to you . . . I Trust you . . . Why is Helpless so Important? Right after cuming you try to enjoy it as long as possible, but in the end you pull your Lover's hands, cock or mouth away from your pussy. You turn off the Vibrator, roll over and sleep. You pull your Lover's hands or mouth away from you cock. It just feels too good and you couldn't take it anymore . . . so you make them stop, you make it stop . . . Ask yourself: What would have just happened had I Not had a Choice to make it stop? What would of the rest of that Roller Coaster Ride of Pleasure been like? How many levels of Pleasure beyond what just happen are there? How far could I've gone if the Choice to make it stop Didn't Exist? Unless you are Truly Helpless . . . you will never know. I wish to Thank You Greatly for making it to the end of my bio. Hopefully it gave you Pain and Pleasure, if not, at least a Tingle! Lastly, if you're unable to experience this type of Pleasure that comes with Helplessness in your World, you're Always Welcome to enjoy through my Mind, my Eyes . . . I Love you, Zatanna P.S. Am pretty sure you deserve a Good, Long and Hard Spanking . . .

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