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I am an aspiring author currently working on publishing my debut novel. I call my genre "Quantum Fantasy," because in the world I have created, Wizards travel through time, elves are interstellar, and the most powerful beings in the multiverse are descendants of the Anunnaki. In my debut novel, an ancient but familiar wizard, who we all know, returns to dimension earth on a desperate quest to find the "Heir of Alar," who was hidden in dimension earth by the Dark Lord Zarwik in an attempt to keep him from the Wikians, who, aided by an ancient power called "Wik," could return him to the throne of An La' Krane and restore the natural balance of the realm, which effects all dimensions. In an attempt to subvert the wizard's quest, Zarwik has disrupted the dimensional boundaries, sending the wizard and his companions on a "Paradox Quest" through a distorted earth, where Europe in the third millennium is ruled by Napoleon and terrible blue dragons have burnt most of the cities of men. Join the humans who have befriended the Wizard on a journey which will test their very souls in Book One of the World of Wikacy, "Paradox Quest." I have created an Android app called "Wikacy," which is free on Google Play Store, where I have invited aspiring authors as well as established authors to share in creating various dimensions to compliment and expand upon the World of Wikacy. My dream is to inspire all people, young and old, to learn how to express their creativity in a way which will give them experience as writers as well as a share in this world. In the app, users can create their character and write their own part in what will be a series of Wikacy Books. Create collaborative documents and allow other users to edit, or keep them private. A wiki-fantasy, so to speak. I have publicly offered all contributing authors an equal share in the proceeds from the books based on their contributions which are chosen for the official series. Many authors have joined me in this project, and many authors have hired me to create apps for their fantasy worlds as well! Thus, the project has turned into a powerful API, where many different apps can be updated from one website in real time. But, above all, Wikacy and wikacy apps will give readers the ability to teleport into books in a way never before possible! You can read more about the Wikacy project at and by downloading the Wikacy App on Google Play.

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