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As a busy wife, mother and worker, I never gave up my passion of writing. In late 2013 I took what I expected to be a short break from writing, little did I know, it would be almost 7 years before I sat in front of my computer again to take the challenge up. Having 2 disabled children, 1 whirlwind, a busy husband, a household to run, full time job with a family who are like family to me, and homeschooling during a global pandemic, I clearly believed that the stress was not enough, and so I took up writing again, this time I was not willing to go through the same process, I was far more attracted to the idea of control. Cammbour World of War began in late 2010, as a simple idea, the plot was written, although it was bulky, the characters began to show, and so I referred back to my old work and completely changed it, keeping the characters names, and a little of the plot. Like many writers of saga's, I never expected it to be so big, but here we are, 4 books are already published, I'm currently working on the 5th and I have a further 20 in the making, each day I seem to add more, realising that there are a lot of stories to be told in Cammbour. I would not class myself as an experienced writer, more an expert dabbler, I have my children's poetry, my historical collections as well as few short crime thrillers, but my passion will always be in Cammbour. For me, creating a new world should never be easy, or fun even, it is frightening, difficult, knowing that around every corner something else is lurking, waiting to take your creative juices to new heights. I enjoy challenging myself, however, having a disabled child and a disabled step-daughter, the challenges we face in Cammbour often feel like nothing compared to real life, this is why I had to up the game. As previously mentioned, I am a lover of history, the concept of parallel worlds has always led me to a place of constant thinking. Aliens are a different story, as well as the spirit world. In Cammbour, I wanted to create something close to the world we know, while remaining steeped in a concept of history, learning from the world around us often leads us to a greater plane of existence.


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