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I am an author, professional editor, and self-publishing advocate. I founded the AuthorWorld Connect non-political social networking site for all members from the Literary/Film/Art industries to come together and network. I have 3 books self-published; Crybaby Bridge: An Urban Legend Come to Life The Lady in the Woods & Paranormal FBI Cold Case Unit This month, April 2021, I rallied the members of AuthorWorld Connect, and published an anthology of short stories for them.; 'A Collection of Short Stories from AuthorWorld Connect' NOTE: I AM NOT THE AUTHOR OF THIS BOOK-ONLY THE PUBLISHER My book editing business has taken off pretty well, and I have recently signed a contract with a former NFL player who turned Whistle Blower and Small Business Advocate. I can't wait to see what's on the horizon. If you need editing services and think you can't afford it, YES, you can! I offer free written estimates and a Payment Plan tailored to your needs. Contact me on any of my links to speak about a free estimate. I look forward to hearing from you.


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