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Danielle Palli won her first creative writing award at the age of six, and by age fifteen, she had already been published in the Writer’s Journal. She is the author of the Acting Out Yoga series for children, and the Data Collectors Sci-Fi trilogy for adults. She also writes, teaches, and publishes online courses about mindfulness, intuition, and spirituality, and works as a multimedia specialist, voiceover artist, podcast host, and positive psychology-based wellbeing coach. Originally from Pennsylvania, she moved to Manhattan to attend New York University, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Media, Culture, and Communication with a minor in Theater. She later went on to earn her Master’s of Professional Writing degree from Chatham University and a Master’s of Metaphysical Sciences degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. She also completed a two-year program from Wisdom of the Hearth Church, becoming an Interfaith minister, followed by a post-graduate certification program in Positive Psychology Health and Wellness Coaching from the College of Executive Coaching, and EQi/EQi360 certification. After years of studying martial arts (primarily Tai Chi and Bagua), she eventually gravitated toward Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, as well as Pilates and meditation. She taught yoga and Pilates for 18 years, and continues to teach meditation today. Danielle launched Birdland Media Works in 2006, a multimedia production company, and continued a successful career as journalist, editor and staff writer for several print and online media companies in the Tampa Bay area including Gannett, Visit Florida and Positive Change Media. In November of 2020, Danielle founded Heartfire Rising. Heartfire Rising is a coaching company that provides a judgment-free space for a person to be uniquely themselves, brainstorm ideas, figure out who they are and what they want in life, and develop the courage and tools to make it happen. When she’s not working, she enjoys nature hikes with her husband, play time with their pets (three cats, a ferret and one dog), and learning to play the piano. She also finds joy in travel, theater and the arts, and is known for singing and dancing around the living room at any hour of the day or night. Also, you can convince her to attend almost any event if you promise her that she can wear a themed costume.


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