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Based in Johannesburg, Frank Meintjies works in the field of social development and was Research Fellow at Wits University’s School of Governance. Frank was co-editor of the multi-disciplinary book, Voices of the Transition. With Mi Hlatswayo, he edited a special Staffrider edition focused on Worker Culture. In 1989, in his position as COSATU Information Officer, he worked closely with the trade union federation’s culture desk coordinator Mi Hlatswayo to promote and expand worker culture. Frank remains active in cultural work: he is interim President of the National Writers of South Africa. Frank contributes to the world of poetry through participation in public readings. Frank’s creative writing has been included in several South African anthologies . Frank’s most recent poetry collection is Lockdown Poems; previous collections are Unfettered Days, Connexions and My Rainbow. He also has written several children’s stories and short stories.


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