Author of 100+ books. I write intriguing, decent books that let you get in touch with the characters. I write in many genres and usually in multiple genres, like western sci-fi. My books often take unexpected turns, yet the entire story flows. I also write reference books which are easy to understand and often include Humor. My books are not boring. Yet, I guess there's this rule that you can't classify a book as both fiction and non-fiction. So, what should I do when a book contains both? It makes that book not boring. Spiritual books because I'm a mystic Earthwise books because earth-lover Computer books because computer geek Food books because I like to cook and eat Travel books, like that also Romance, I'm deeply in love Children's, who's not a kid? Fantasy, magic is great! Parallel worlds, dragons and dinosaurs sometimes in the same story, parallel worlds because other dimensions are much like our own, yet different. Time Travel because, who wouldn't? SciFi, space never ends Horror, who would have thunk it, not I. It's Lite-Horror to not scare you too badly. I wouldn't want you to have nightmares. Fiction, it could have happened, maybe, well maybe not. But what if it had? Folk Tales, the type of stories I grew up on. Or whatever the story decides it should be. I don't write stories. They write me.

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