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Maximilian Sam has, so far, lived in 10 countries around the World. He started in the UK before drifting across Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia. He is now, slowly, making his way back from East to West and is currently based in Turkey until the next stop comes calling. Max has worked in PR for over 25 years with some of the biggest global companies and some smaller ones too. His career has allowed him to travel and see parts of the World most only ever see in holiday magazines. There are still many places to see and experiences to enjoy. He certainly isn't finished yet. Max's first book, "It's A Stray Dog's Life" was published in February 2022. It tells the stories of three stray dogs he has looked after in Turkey through their eyes. There are many other stray dogs and cats he's made friends with, so expect further adventures in the series as time goes by. Max grew up in the UK and calls Watford his true home. If a stray can ever have a true home. It also accounts for his devotion to Saracens Rugby Club and Watford FC, a combination probably requiring therapy. He finds the easiest way of dealing with bad results is to jump on a boat or jetski and leave his troubles out on the water. Max grew up surrounded by rough collies (think Lassie) and knows, when he finally quits his globetrotting days and settles down, there will be two more of his favourite breed to share his house. He was also fortunate to meet many interesting people as a child and has carried this through his adult life in the belief people make the World interesting. It also supplies plenty of anecdotes and mad escapades to include in future books or his regular blog.


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