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Journeys of Life Inspiration and Transformation Poetry Vol 1




Genres: Action & Adventure, Parenting & Family, Poetry


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The Journeys of Life Inspiration and Transformation Poetry is a creation of real life experiences captured by Sabinah Adewole in the most relaxed environments using her natural surroundings relating to every day experiences. She has been inspired by her faith and started writing Poetry in the most unique circumstance. Her first poem Chemistry is created from a Park Bench in Gidea Park in the United Kingdom in May 2018. The Poems relate to different experiences created on her journey to different locations. Sabinah Adewole wrote her next four poems on her journey to Portimao in the Algarve (Portugal) where she celebrated her 26th wedding Anniversary. Sabinah Adewole has continued to create more poems in Atlanta , New York , Isreal , Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Her faith has been evident in some of her poems which are challenging , provoking and invite you by asking and encouraging you to join in. Sabinah Adewole is an international best seller. She studied English Literature , she enjoyed reading novels from a young age. She was born in Islington in January 1967. She moved to back to England in 1995 to explore opportunities of writing. Her first book Seven Years of Bondage All that glitters is not Gold was published in 2016. She has been a Co -Author in four Anthologies all of which are best sellers. Journeys of Life Inspiration and Transformation Poetry is her second published book which she hopes would encourage and inspire and uplift anyone across the globe.

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ISBN-13: 9781791878009

ISBN-10: 1791878008

Edition: 1

Publisher: Sabinah Adewole


Language: English

Pages: 214

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Refunds: No

Sabinah Adewole is a member of the Barking Foxes poetry group, the National Poetic library UK, a member of the Society of Authors UK ,the Haiku Society of America and the Christian independent Publishing Agency -CIPA. Some of her poems appear in the Stripes magazine in 2021. she won the International Poetry contest in 2020. She also featured in the Havering daily mail and in the Write on magazine in 2020. She stated to write from a park bench in May 2018. She has seven published books,four best sellers and four self published.

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