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A Dementia Carer Poems Book 3 (Dementia, Caregiving and Grief - Poems K to Z)




Genres: Nonfiction, Poetry, Self Help & Relationships

Book Type:Print & Digital

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Throughout the mixture of poems within this book the author soul searches his thoughts, feelings and reactions on how the topics chosen have affected him as an individual and as a person witnessing what dementia did to a loved one. The words he has written come from a mind, body and soul weary from taking on the burdensome task of caring, but with great pleasure knowing He had the time to really give back to a father who was so much more to him. He was his teacher, his drinking buddy, his friend and his confidant, so every minute he gave back caring even though very stressful, was so fulfilling at the same time. This is book 3 of the 'A Dementia Carer Poems' series and book 2 of 'Dementia, Caregiving and Grief' which contains poems in alphabetical order from K to Z written and compiled since his father’s death.


Look Up And See As the grief takes over Like a lifetime hangover The heart creates a wall That people cannot befall So while the ache persists Try not to hide or resist The urge to look up and see What is an actual reality With every new daily dawn Life forever moves on Even if we’re beleaguered and beset That doesn’t mean we forget Loved ones will always be near That is never a fear

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9798745258435

Publisher: T.J. Hübner


Language: English

Pages: 112

Interior: BW



T.J. Hübner is a British poet who came to poetry late in life at the age of 45 and has since used it as a way to express his feelings and thoughts. T.J has used his poetry to release the pain and stress felt in to words with the hope his poetry helps anyone going through or has gone through a similar pain of watching a loved one suffer a terminal illness.

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