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This Is Me




Genres: Poetry


Book Type:Digital

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Another biographical offering from Freya Pickard, tracing her development both as a person and a poet from her early twenties to mid-forties. Freya Pickard is a cancer survivor, whose fight for life has forever changed her. These changes are reflected in a variety of poems she permits to be published here. Initially determined to be single, Freya reveals what it was like to discover her soulmate. Enjoying physical and mental fitness, she tells how she struggles post cancer. Always an observer, Freya looks within and without to catalogue her journey through an eventful life. You don’t need to have read either Insides or My Mythology, but if you have, you’ll find This Is Me continues the threads of imagination and post-cancer trauma.


No I'm not interested in babies! No I’m not interested in babies And no I haven’t got a boyfriend No I’m not wanting to get married And no I don’t want a house of my own. No I can’t afford a car (I hate driving anyway) No I don’t go drinking And clubbing I can’t stand. Yes! I’m different! Why can’t people see I’m not of their mould And have no wish to be. Is it wrong To conceive the future As the next choreographical idea? Why not map the months ahead With ‘what shall I write now?’ My horizons Are widely open. I’m looking forward To my Eternal Destiny!

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Book Type: Digital

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Language: English

Pages: 135

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My aim in life is to enchant, entertain and engage with readers through my writing.

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