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Falling for the Contract Bride




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Weddings

Book Type:Digital

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Falling for the Contract Bride is a modern city as the background of romance novel,the protagonists are Mu Zhi and Lu Jinye.


There was a heavy thunderstorm. “Madam Xu, please. I beg you. Let me see Junnian.” Mu Zhi continued to slap the car window shouting, “Please! Junnian and I are truly in love. He wouldn’t leave without saying anything.” Mu Zhi had been standing there for a while and was soaked to the bone before the car window finally rolled down. A woman frowned at Mu Zhi from the inside of the car saying, “Junnian has left for the United States. Stop bothering us.” “That’s not possible.” Mu Zhi looked at the woman in disbelief. Her brows scrunched together, “How… Junnian would never leave me here alone.” But no matter how long she waited, Madam Xu did not give her the answer she wanted. She forced herself to be calm and forced a smile. “If that’s the case… Madam Xu, could you please tell me Junnian’s address in America. I’ll go look for him.” She had to find him. She had to tell him something important! “Don’t you get it? Junnian doesn’t want to see you. That’s why he left. Stop wasting your time.” Finishing what she had to say, the woman rolled up her window and promptly ordered her chauffeur to start the car. Mu Zhi could not comprehend what she had been told as she watched as the car slowly started to drive away. Where had Junnian and her gone wrong? Why did he not tell her that he was leaving? They had promised each other. They had been together for four years and she had finally given herself wholly to him last month. They had promised to go abroad and work together to persuade his mother to accept her. How could this… Mu Zhi thought for a while before wiping her face and gave chase to the car. The car stopped because she had suddenly run towards it. The window rolled down again, and the Madam Xu looked at her coolly. This time however her tone was more impatient, “Leave. Stop bothering my Junnian.” “Madam Xu, I know of your objections towards Junnian and me. But please…” Mu Zhi bit her lip, her eyes filled with tears. She hesitated before finally decided to tell Madam Xu, “Please. On the behalf of Junnian’s child I am carrying, let me see him.” “Child?” Madam Xu sneered, “How could you carry Junnian’s child if he has never touched you.” “It… It was on the night of your birthday when you invited me to Tangchen Hotel.” Even though it was difficult to admit out loud, Mu Zhi managed to do it, albeit through gritted teeth. That night was Xu Changshu’s birthday. She had gone ahead of Junnian as something had come up in his school. Prior to that, Xu Changshu treated her coldly and barely acknowledged her. That night however, she was nothing but warm and hospitable towards her. Under her encouragement, Mu Zhi drank far more than she should have. After that, Xu Changshu arranged a room for her, and Junnian arrived later on. The rest was history. She had thought that this would be a turning point for her and Junnian. Xu Changshu would also slowly start to accept her. But she never thought that… Soon after that night, Xu Changshu cancelled her research project in school and then separated Junnian and her. “That night,” she scoffed, “That night, you were so drunk. Who knows who the father of that bastard of yours is. Junnian was busy the entire day at the lab and never made it to the hotel. If you don’t believe me, you can check the security tapes.” “What?”

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