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Celebrity Girl Is My Wife




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Celebrity Girl Is My Wife is a modern city as the background of romance novel,the protagonists are Ning Ran and Nan Chen.


“Don't touch me. I said, don't touch me! Get lost!” In the dimly lit room, there was tension in the air as panic took hold of her. Yan Wan cowered at the foot of the bed and backed away from him. But his towering silhouette was approaching her. Like a beast baring its fangs and claws, he was about to devour her. “Don't come any closer! Please, I beg you. Leave me alone!” “Hehe...” A burst of deep sinister laughter filled the darkness. It was dangerous as it was scornful. A large hand grabbed her by her jaw, and a man's face appeared from the darkness. His breath was hot as he whispered to her, “There is a price to pay for offending me. And now you are going to pay.” Price? What price? Yan Wan was scared out of her wits and could not think straight. She lashed out in fear and screamed, “No, please...” Before she could finish her sentence, her voice disappeared as if it had been swallowed. She was robbed of any means to defend herself. “No!” she screamed. Yan Wan opened her eyes wide in shock. She struggled to block out the sun's glaring rays. Her face was pale with cold sweat breaking out on her forehead. She fidgeted restlessly, unable to calm herself down. A dream. It was the same dream again. The soreness between her legs was a painful reminder of the horrid rape that took place the night before. And the threat by her assailant when she fought back as he made his escape. “This is not over. I will be back to get you for this!” he bit his lips and yelled. He was not done with her, and it was not an empty threat. Yan Wan sensed only death and despair from him. He was a dangerous man, and he could turn up at any moment. Yan Wan's fingers trembled uncontrollably. Her mind was shrouded with fear as she tried to recall what happened that fateful night. Despite her best efforts, she could not remember anything. She was clueless as to who he was, much less how she had offended him. “Ms. Yan, we have arrived,” said the driver. His words interrupted her thoughts. She forced a smile and looked out the window. In front of her was a luxurious café. She started to feel queasy. She was about to meet her fiancé, Huo Lichen. He was South City's richest bachelor and the current president of Huoting Group. It was rumored that he took only five years to transform Huoting Group from a local wealthy business into a global business empire. He quickly made a name for himself and was the envy of all business owners worldwide. His methods were ruthless and unforgiving, while his very name instilled fear in his rivals. Countless women from prestigious families tried all possible means to gain his favor in the hope of being the Huo family's young mistress. Yet, the woman chosen was one of humble origins. This was decided by Old Madam Huo, who selected her as the future granddaughter-in-law. Yan Wan did not know why Huo Lichen wanted to meet her on the eve of their engagement day. However, this also presented her with a golden opportunity to disavow the marriage.

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