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Unexpected Request




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Unexpected Request novel is a romance story about Ruan Cheng and Mu Chenjue. You can read this novel online on Bravonovel


In the middle of the night, a black Lincoln SUV was driving into a luxurious mansion located in the most prestigious neighborhood of A City. Ruan Cheng's eyes were covered with a piece of silk cloth inside a villa. The man didn't want her to know who he was. “Don't be afraid. Take a deep breath.” “Ruan Cheng, you can do it. Nothing is more important than keeping dad alive after he has a liver transplant. It is nothing to sacrifice for dad.” The sound of a car driving into the villa was clearly heard. As things turned out this way, the only thing she could do was to keep comforting herself in her heart. When Mu Chenjue walked in, he immediately saw Ruan Cheng standing in his bedroom. The eighteen-year-old girl was in bloom, looking all grown up and beautiful. “H-Hello...” she stammered and greeted stiffly as she felt the man approaching and took a step back unconsciously. She thought that after a few days of mental preparation, she would not be afraid, but at this moment she felt scared, and even wanted to run away. Mu Chenjue didn't know whether his action tonight was brutal. All he knew was that he needed a child of his own before his next birthday in order to complete the task given by Old Master Mu. At that moment, Mu Chenjue condescendingly sized the petite girl. “Why are you so scared?” The man's voice was calm and attractive. Ruan Cheng was a little shocked. He actually sounds very nice and young. Why would an old man who is past fifty have such a perfect voice? “I am not an HIV carrier, and I also have no perverted and special hobbies in bed,” the man said with a deep and mellow voice, seemingly trying to appease her. He was sure that she was not shy, instead, she was afraid of him. Before she could even react, she heard the man say again, “If you are afraid of pain, I will try to make you happy during the process. Let's start.” The man announced coldly, as if he was announcing the beginning of a meeting. He was so serious that she was dumbfounded. In an instant, she was being carried in his arms! This was the first time Ruan Cheng had ever been lifted up by a man like this, so she felt her heart beating rapidly. “I don't know if you are fully grown. If it hurts, let me know and I will stop!” Mu Chenjue was mindful of her feelings as he reminded her. However, it only made Ruan Cheng even more afraid. Taking in a deep breath, she bit her lips and closed her eyes tightly. With her thick eyelashes fluttering, the man suddenly felt a tingling sensation throughout his body. She was born fair, like a delicate flower bud that had yet to bloom under the morning sun. At this moment, her skin was glowing with a faint hue of pink due to embarrassment... He reached out to undress her, and she flinched. “Don't step back!” The man's Adam's apple bobbed fiercely. He suddenly grabbed her thin and fair wrist, pulled her into his arms, and whispered in her ear, “Don't you dare take a step back if you don't want me to force myself onto you.” Ruan Cheng didn't dare to take another step back, while her cheeks quickly turned red because of his words. Her body was now pressed against the stranger's. As they faced each other, she could even feel that his body was strong and sturdy!

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