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One Night Surprise




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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One Night Surprise novel is a Romance story about Courtney and Alexander.You can read this novel online on Bravonovel and keep track of the latest chapters


It’s hot. I feel so hot… Courtney wondered if it was because she had drunk too much as she felt hot all over. Then, she vaguely heard what she thought was the sound of the door being pushed open. When she forced herself to open her eyes and look toward the only light source, she saw a few people standing perfectly straight at the door with reverence. They were greeting a tall and erect figure that was walking toward them from the other end of the red carpet. The man’s long legs came to a stop before he asked in a cold voice, “Have you confirmed that she’s clean?” “Yes, Master.”What are they saying? Who is that guy? Is he Isaac?Courtney wanted to open her eyes wide to see the man carefully, but the room to the door was closed. Now, she couldn’t see anything clearly; she could only hear the sound of someone’s footsteps approaching her bed. Suddenly, a body with ice-cold skin leaned over her, and she couldn’t help clinging to him. The man’s body tensed up while lust flooded his eyes. Kissing her red lips precisely in the darkness, he turned over and pressed his body onto hers, gaining the advantage over her. “It hurts…” Courtney cried out in pain as her body arched. “It hurts, Isaac… Isaac… Can you not be together with her…” The man froze; this was the first time a woman called out another man’s name in his bed. “Relax.” The man’s unfamiliar voice brought Courtney to her senses.He isn’t Isaac! That’s right—Isaac has hooked up with that so-called bestie of mine, so how could he possibly show up in my bed? “W-Who are you?! Don’t touch me…” Courtney flailed her arms and resisted the man with all her might. He let out a grunt as her sharp fingernails seemed to have scratched his neck, and she appeared to have ripped something off his neck. Her pain slowly subsided as the pleasant sensation overwhelmed her. The increasingly passionate voices of a man and a woman could be frequently heard from the deluxe suite. Even so, the bodyguards who guarded the door still stood with serious expressions, as if nothing had happened. “Aaah!” Courtney’s body was drenched with sweat as she woke up with a start. It was a bright sunny day outside, yet her slim back was covered in a cold sweat.I actually dreamed of that night again!Courtney breathed heavily while wiping the sweat off her face. She recalled the man’s deep voice, his icy chest, his deep eyes that were staring at her, and… She experienced the most mortifying night in her life two months ago. After all, she went to a bar and had drinks with somebody after stumbling upon the affair between her boyfriend and bestie. As a result, someone drugged her drink, and she was taken into a luxurious suite in a daze and robbed of her virginity! Courtney’s cheeks burned. Not daring to think deeper, she hurriedly changed her clothes. While she was busy with her report in the laboratory, her junior came back with her lunch, and the faint smell of fish turned her stomach. “Barf!” Leaving her uncompleted experiment behind, Courtney rushed to the restroom and retched for a long time. “Based on your reaction, Courtney, could you be pregnant?” The junior’s words seemed to hit a nerve in Courtney as her face turned even paler.P-Pregnant? There couldn’t be such a coincidence, could it? Could I get pregnant after sleeping with a man just once?

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