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Meant to be YOU




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Meant to be YOU is a modern city as the background of romance novel, the protagonists are Xia Micheng and Lu Yuzhen


It was autumn in the year 2015 when Xia Micheng took the train to Haicheng City from the countryside. She had been abandoned in the countryside when she was a nine year-old. It was only on this day that she was finally being taken back to the city. There was only a single reason for this—the Xia family intended to marry her into the Orchid Garden in order to counteract their son’s bad luck. This was a practise that was supposed to save an ailing one’s life. She had heard that the groom from the Orchid Garden was already terminally ill. Neither of the Xia family’s two daughters were willing to marry him, so the people of the Xia Family took her back from the countryside—where she had lived all this while—so that she could take their place instead. Xia Micheng sat on her bunk with a book in her hand. Just then, the door suddenly opened. The bitingly frigid wind invaded the space along with a sickening, sweet metallic scent of blood. Xia Micheng looked up, only to see a tall and handsome man suddenly topple over into the room. He was unconscious. A few people dressed in black swiftly charged in. “Boss, there’s no one around now. Let’s immediately dispatch him.” “Who said that there’s no one here?” The leader of this group—a man with a scar seemingly caused by the slash from a blade—glanced at Xia Micheng. Xia Micheng hadn’t imagined that misfortune after misfortune would pile up this quickly, nor did she expect that this man who suddenly collapsed in her carriage would end up jeopardizing her life. Heavy murderous intent swirled in the scarred man’s eyes; it was apparent that he wanted to silence her by killing her. Xia Micheng attempted to keep her composure as she glanced at the weapons in their hands before frantically begging for her life. “Please don’t hurt me. I didn’t see anything!” The scarred man walked closer to her to take a look at Xia Micheng’s face. She had a veil on, which obscured her face, but her clear eyes were exposed to the outside world. Those clear eyes were unbelievably crystalline. Even when they were darting around, they still managed to be so gentle and beautiful. The scarred man had never seen such a pair of stunning, alluring eyes before; he was taken by them in an instant. Adding on the fact that he hadn’t touched a single woman in recent days, it wasn’t surprising that less than savory intentions arose within him. “My pretty little thing, we can leave you unharmed, but you’ll have to service me and my comrades here.” Xia Micheng’s long, feathery lashes trembled as she said in a pitiful tone, “I don’t want to die. I’m scared. As long as you don’t hurt me, I’ll serve you well.” The scarred man could no longer restrain himself at the sound of the girl’s wobbly and feeble pleas as he straightaway leaped onto her, pinning her under his body. “Boss, you go first. We’ll go ahead and send this guy on his merry way before we enjoy ourselves.” With the ringing of vulgar laughter in his ears and the feeling of the warm feminine body under his own, the scarred man put down his weapon and reached out to tear at the buttons of Xia Micheng’s shirt. However, an alabaster little hand suddenly grabbed at him. The scarred man looked up and instantly saw the girl’s clear, crystalline eyes. Right now, her eyes had lost the weak and panicked look to them; a cold glint shone in them instead. “You!”

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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