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The Arranged Bride




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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"I said you won't be working anymore." She smirked, "Watch me." Saying that she turned and I watched her till she walked out of the door. ........................................ The thirty-year-old billionaire bachelor Nicholas Carter isn't really fond of the word- love, owing to his past. What happens when he is arranged in marriage to the twenty-seven-year-old sweet and independent Sophia Jones who refuses to bow down in front of him and accept everything he throws her way unlike an usual arranged bride? Oh! Did I mention Nicholas Carter's five-year-old son?


Sophia's POV I slightly groaned when I felt the bright sunlight fall on me. I twisted and turned in my bed for a few more minutes before I was finally up. Bree , who was sitting just by the side of the bed started barking and wagging it's tail. I gently patted her hair. Today I had a day off and was planning on lazing around . Maybe call my idiot bestfriends over and watch some movies with tubs of chocolate chip icecream. With happy thoughts swimming in my mind , I went to do my morning routine before going downstairs for breakfast . It was my day off so I woke up late and Dad had already left for office. "Good morning , Mom " I jogged off to my seat. "Good morning sweetie" , my mom smiled and set down a plate of breakfast for me. "I don't know if it's because I am too hungry or the pancakes are really so delicious but these taste amazing , mom." I stuffed my mouth with the pancakes after dipping it in chocolate sauce. Shaking her head she just laughed. We were talking about random things when Mom's phone rang and it was Dad. " Yes David " My mom picked up the phone. " ........ " Mom's eyebrows creased and she was impatiently tapping the table top. "Umm okay , I will just see " Hanging up Mom went upstairs. She came down after a few minutes with a file in her hand. " Sophie , your Dad has forgotten an important file and today he has a meeting with his boss . He really needs it , can you take this file to him ? " , Mom looked at me with hopeful eyes. I huffed. So much for planning a fun day. " Sure " , saying that I got up and went to get ready. I changed into a oversized sweater and a black skirt. Putting on a bit of nude lipstick and winged liner , I left for his office with the file. I got inside a cab . "Where to , ma'am ?" The driver looked at me face. "Carter Enterprises , please. " My Dad worked at the Carter Enterprises. Nicholas Carter, the CEO of Carter Enterprises was one of top bussinesmen in the world. It is said that the company had reached heights after he took over. I had seen him twice in some magazines but can't say I haven't seen his face properly. He is too handsome to not take a proper glance. He is the perfect handsome billionaire but it can't be said if he is a playboy or not. His personal affairs haven't been the headlines often. It was a twenty minutes ride from my home . I had put on my headphones to listen to some music. "Ma'am we are here " I took off my headphones and looked out to see at the huge building. After paying him and thanking him , I walked towards the buliding. Entering through the lavish entrance, I headed straight to the reception. " Excuse me " the receptionist looked up with a greeting smile " How can I help you ?" " I am here to meet Mr. David Jones " " Please take the elevator to the 21 st floor and on your left you will get to his office . " "Thank you" She smilingly nodded at me. I walked into the elevator and pressed the button. The elevator stopped at the 8 th floor and a tall good looking guy walked in . I could feel him staring at me a few times before I turned to look at him. He smiled at me and introduced himself. " Hi , I am Caleb " , he put his hand forward. " Sophia Jones " , I shook his hand with a smile on my face. " So .. to meet someone ?" He asked. He seemed like a nice guy and didn't give me the creeps.

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