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A Pleasant Surprise




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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A Pleasant Surprise novel is a romance story about Charlotte and Michael. You can read this novel online on Bravonovel web or app.


“Strip,” the man drawled, his cold, husky voice pierced through the silence of the room, stirring Charlotte. Oh my god. That's such a seductive voice. I want to gobble him up so badly. Flabbergasted, she could not help but gulp. She never expected someone to ask her to strip the moment she came in. That's terrifyingly forward. “Um...” She shook her head, trying to sober up, but that only made her dizzier, and she started burning up. Hey, wait. Why'd a guy show up in my room? She leaned against the wall and looked in the direction of the voice. Through her drunken stupor, she could vaguely see a man in a suit sitting on the sofa. He was shrouded in darkness, so all she could see was a silhouette. The man had a towering figure and possessed the air of a king. As a strong urge to submit to him overcame her, she gulped again, staring at the man in a daze. Did the management make a mistake? I didn't request any service. Is this a complimentary thing that came with the event? And they gave me a domineering one too. What the heck? “Who are you, and why are you in my room?” Even talking was difficult for Charlotte. Her whole body was getting unbearably hot, and she kept taking off her clothes. The moment she asked that question, she felt the temperature around her dropping a few degrees as the atmosphere became suffocatingly dense. In that instant, she had an urge to escape. Hey, wait, this is my room. She stopped in her tracks and turned around before wobbling toward the man. Since this is a complimentary service, why don't I enjoy it? Besides, it's not like my luck can get any worse. “Well, aren't they tactful! Since they're giving me a guy...” Charlotte burped, grinning as she went closer to him, bumping into the room's ornaments. Meanwhile, the man kept his silence. He took a cigarette out and placed it between his lips. The lighter he held crackled, and a small flame popped out. Smoke started swirling around him, eventually enveloping the room. The dim light illuminated the man's face, but only for a moment. He had the looks befitting of a king but a dangerous one. “Damn it.” Charlotte bumped into the coffee table and plopped onto the floor, tears welling up in her eyes. She slowly looked up a short while later, asking, “Aren't you going to help me up?” Man, free stuff is the worst. Instead of helping her, the man seemed to have gotten annoyed, his anger rampaging through the room. Even though Charlotte was drunk, she could still feel his chilling aura enveloping her, and she started shivering in fear. Wow, he's one arrogant b*stard. Who does he think he is? A king? Well, if he isn't coming, then I'll go over to him. Charlotte was completely drunk, unable to see that something was off with the man. After struggling for a while, she eventually got up and resumed her wobble toward him. But she started seeing doubles, and everything seemed to get in her way. Angered, she pointed at the coffee table, barking, “What the f*ck? Get the hell out of my way!” Unperturbed, the man continued smoking. “Well, cutie pie. You can drop the act now. Take my advice and be gentle. You're going to scare away a lot of customers if you put up airs.” Charlotte eventually came up to him and let out a drunken burp. However, she was tripped up by the sofa when she leaned forward, causing her to fall on the man.

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