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The Sawyer Shepherd Chronicles: Rites of Passage




Genres: Paranormal, Science Fiction, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Print & Digital

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An ancient evil, a teenager on the run from a tragic past, and a collision course with destiny, fate, or maybe something else entirely. Sage City, Colorado is a beautiful but struggling town. Its mining history has dried up, leaving it only with a dark local legend that may just be more history than myth. But an East Coast developer named Lucius Furr and his team, including Lennox Dupree and Elena Cordova, might just bring salvation- or awaken a long-dormant evil. Sawyer Shepherd is on a road trip of self-discovery- and running from a tragic past. He hopes to find himself and healing from the loss of his parents while in the deadly beauty of the Colorado Rockies. He soon finds himself caught up not only in Furr’s plans for the small town, but also an ancient and epic battle between good and evil. Guided by locals Eli Romer (the 'town drunk' that knows more than he lets on) and Mandy Jane (college intern with the Parks Service), Sawyer will seek to overcome the demons of his past while also trying to survive a real-life demon that seeks only to consume. Or is it also trying to open the door for an even greater and more powerful evil? The first book in the Sawyer Shepherd Chronicles (and first novel by author Chad Lehrmann) introduces you to a world where demons take the form of monsters and a small number of people act as "Judges" that protect the rest of us from the supernatural monsters that are hunting us. Equal parts humor, horror, and heart, you will find heroes to cheer, villains to fear, and mysteries to unravel as you explore a world where destiny may not be all that it seems.


Black. Gray. Colors. Buzzing. Sawyer must have only been out for a second, but when he came to, this was what the world revealed to him. He couldn’t hear anything but the buzzing, then muffled sounds. Pops. He raised his hand to his forehead, which was throbbing, and pulled it back to see a small dot of blood- most likely from a piece of stone shrapnel. He heard more pops, then some muffled yelling. The air smelled of cobalt and dust- an old dust, like when you open a long-forgotten trunk in the attic. His vision cleared more, then he shook his head and took in the scene. Snow and dust mingled in the air, making even what he could see foggy. He could make out a black figure- one Furr’s men- apparently shooting into the fog. He could not see the other one, but it did sound like that is where the yelling was coming from. Eli was already standing- very sober-like- and had a knife drawn. Wait, he had had a knife the whole time? Steve was still out on the ground a few feet in front of Sawyer, and Furr was sitting up next to him, watching his man shoot his gun with a disinterested and far off look. He could not see Mandy, but she had been back near Sawyer when the explosion happened. Sawyer stood up, his hearing clearing up a bit only to be assaulted by the gunfire. He was about to look for Mandy when a piercing scream ripped the meadow. Something wet and warm hit Sawyer in the face, and something flew out of the fog. Sawyer touched his face again and looked down at what had struck his face- his hand was covered in blood. The thing that flew out of the smoke had thudded on the ground a few feet away- it was an arm, still clutching a handgun. The fog had started to dissipate a bit, and Sawyer saw that Furr was still frozen, just sitting and staring into the fog. His hair was flapping wetly against his head when it was not floating heavily up into the air on wind gusts. The splash of blood that hit Sawyer had been blunted by Furr, who caught the bulk of it. Furr was mostly covered in the thick red stuff. Whatever was in the fog had now turned those green eyes toward Furr and had begun to slowly move. The only things Sawyer could make out were the eyes set in a large shape moving beneath the snow and dust. But the direction toward Furr was clear- so Sawyer dashed at Furr and pulled him away from the form. It kept advancing on Furr, and finally cleared the debris fog. And then it was gone. Sawyer had been looking at the eyes, then they simply disappeared. One of the “geologists” came out of the slowly settling fog with a gun drawn- clearly not the one with the missing arm. “Where did it go?” he yelled. “It...It just vanished,” Sawyer replied. Searching the area. Eli was stock still. His eyes were moving here and there in an orderly manner, as if doing a grid search with his eyes. They suddenly stopped, focused behind the man with the gun. “Behind you!” he yelled and threw his knife. Too late- blood and gore exploded from the man’s chest as more blood spurted from his neck. The knife still found its mark between the two eyes...and passed through thin air. Wide-eyed, Sawyer realized this thing was apparently intangible and invisible. Mostly. The eyes shown, and at least gave a decent approximation of where it was. The knife did not bother the thing, and with every chomping bite into the now-dead “geologist,” more small patches of red snow appeared. Eli had drawn another knife and was advancing on the thing.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781671876880

ISBN-10: 1671876881

Publisher: Self Published


Language: English

Pages: 324

Interior: BW

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