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Genres: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Paranormal

Book Type:Print & Digital

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The City of Angels is a dangerous place for a shapeshifter. For Heaven Bliss, a Leopard recently freed from one of the Great Vampire Houses of Los Angeles, life was starting to get better. She had a new home under the protection of the vampire Flavius, her sister Kore was at her side, and a new pack of werewolves had recently joined their household. It doesn't take long for new threats to emerge when a chance encounter with a tribe of rat shapeshifters steer her headlong into a confrontation with a horrible new enemy. An enemy that no one in Los Angeles, not even the Great Houses of the vampires are prepared for. Three Cherubs, creatures that aren't even supposed to be able to exist, bring with them a horde of ravenous ghouls to terrorize the supernatural community. Traditional enemies are forced to work together to counter this horrifying and powerful new danger that threatens them all.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital


Language: English

Pages: 418

Interior: BW

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R. Lee Moore is a veteran of the United States Army currently living in Southern California who is rarely seen without a big cup of coffee in his hand. When he isn't writing and drinking far to much coffee for a human being to safely consume, he spends his time trying to convince his three cats that he's the one that's actually in charge.

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