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On the Trail of the Wind's Tears




Genres: Action & Adventure, Chick Lit, Fantasy

Book Type:Print & Digital

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Magic! Mystery! Murder! Sorceress Veras senses something strange -- tears in the wind. Her friend, the Witch of the Great East Wood needs her help! With her new husband swordsman Nico and the sorceress Creda, she and their warrior friends travel to the Great East Wood to face new challenges . . . a powerful force is seeking control of the weather, while the Witch's health declines. While they struggle against this mysterious force, Veras and Nico face their own challenges as they adjust to married life -- and Veras's surprise pregnancy. All of this is complicated by the presence of the sorcerer Xyron, who happens to be Veras's former lover. Can the group overcome their doubts and differences to find some way to protect the Great East Wood and the surrounding areas?


He moved a hand to her belly and stood thus, silent. Her blue-green eyes gazed at his face. Should I tell him? She thought she'd felt the child move . . . but she wasn't certain . . . "How big do you think he is now?" Veras thought for a moment, then said: "Perhaps the size of your willy." Nico gave her his big grin and arched his eyebrows in an exaggerated manner. "Oh, then! So he's a big, stapping lad! Quite big, in fact! " He threw back his head and laughed.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781525582653

Edition: 1

Publisher: Friesen Press


Language: English

Pages: 279

Keywords: , , , ,


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