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Blood Brothers




Genres: Action & Adventure, Paranormal, Teen & Young Adult




Book Type:Print & Digital

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Blood Brothers is the second installment in the Werewolf Saga. Arthur Thorn, young Werewolf in-training, has barely survived his encounter with the deadly Vampire assassin, known as a Hunter. His Werewolf mentor, Cratos Mane, now takes Arthur to the Werewolf Kingdom, for him to begin his training. Arthur quickly realizes that his training is possibly even more life threatening than the constant assassination attempts from the Vampires. With the Beast in the back of his mind, trying to take over his body, he is also met with new challenges and teachers within the kingdom, who are all willing to put Arthur in the ground if he doesn't rise to the challenge. Arthur Thorn's will to live amongst this nest of supernatural soldiers is pushed to their breaking point, as Arthur discovers his new life, among his blood brothers.


“He…completely saw through me…” Arthur muttered in his mind, unable to keep his head above the raging sea of shame he was quickly riddled with. Arthur felt like he had been completely disassembled by the Werewolf. He had been overwhelmed both physically, and mentally. Arthur bellowed out into the pit, his Werewolf lungs riddled with multiple levels of agonized cries. Tentris leaned down, and he tightly grabbed a fistful of Arthurs’ hair. Then, without the slightest bit of struggle, Tentris picked up Arthur by the roots of his hair. Arthur moaned agonizingly as his entire body slowly rose. Tentris continued to lift Arthur upward as he stood to his feet, raising him off the ground and high into the air, held steady by a handful of hair. Arthur felt like the top of his head was on fire, like he had never realized his entire body's weight until right now, as every single kilogram Arthur weighed was dragging him down to the floor. “Your assumptions would have been effective if your opponent had been human,” Tentris began straight towards Arthurs’ face, but his eyes however were closed as he was unable to focus away from the pain ruling his mind with iron might. “It also would have probably guaranteed success against most indomitable animals. Like a bear or a bull,” Tentris carried on, his tone hard and thorough. It felt like he was speaking directly into Arthurs’ mind, as opposed to his ears. “But, Werewolf biology is a different matter entirely,” Tentris said somehow more firmly, his tone darker than before, finally sounding interested as he spoke to Arthurs’ pained expression. “You didn’t see a Werewolf as your opponent, you saw an old man,” he continued, a small edge accompanying his tone. “What you don’t realize though, cub, is longevity in our world is what makes me deadlier than you can ever fathom.” Tentris pulled Arthur closer to his face so his next word was heard clearly. “We live every day in an endless war, cub. Here is a saying I think is appropriate for you to understand. Beware of an old wolf in a profession where wolves die young!” Arthurs’ eyes slowly opened upon those words. Arthurs’ pupils were met with a burning expression that bore straight through to the other side of his eyeballs. The intense look Tentris leveled toward Arthur made his breath halt. Arthur understood his words thoroughly, he felt ashamed from acting so childishly. “You have much to learn about combat, cub. Whether you survived against a Hunter, or not. Do not forget, right now, you are a cub. And right now, you, are weak!” Tentris growled spitefully. However, at that moment, all the shame Arthur was previously feeling vanished at the Werewolf's harsh words. Arthurs’ eyes blazed now too, straight back toward Tentris. His arms tensed, and his fists clenched. “I…am…not…WEAK!” Arthur snarled back, his pupils matched mightily against Tentris’s own. Tentris raised an amused eyebrow, one that Arthur almost felt denoted a small hint of respect at Arthurs’ perseverance.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

Edition: 1

Publisher: Dylan Altoft


Language: English

Interior: BW

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