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A 10 year old girl is relaxing at her favorite spot in the forest and feels someone watching her. Turns out she was being watched by a Mem named Nermal, whose world has been turned upside down by the Drones. The Mem world is a quiet hidden one, which is being kept alive by the dreams and hopes of children. Master, the high Drone, has stolen the crystal that keeps Mems' world safe and happy. Nermal has chosen the girl to help save the Mem world. Can she beat the Drones, save the Mems, retrieve a sacred crystal, and be home in time for dinner? Why not? No problem.


"I do not understand," I said, "if you help me find my way back, since I am lost, I will help you. You must first start at the beginning and explain everything to me." The little man just looked at me and gave me a little smile. "Follow me, and I will tell you everything." Reluctantly I followed him a short distance across the village to a tiny cottage where I found many other men and women of his type. He opened the door for me to enter, but I hesitated a moment. First, I am taking to strangers and now I am following one of them into their home? None of this seemed like a good idea on my part. "Please come in. I promise no harm will come to you. We are running out of time." This man gestured with his hand at the open door.

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Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781494990985

ISBN-10: 1494990989


Language: English

Pages: 70

Interior: BW

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I, Danielle Thornewell, was born on July 7, 1975 to Kenneth and Virginia Reed. My family also consists of two sisters Toni and Lynnette. I have been married for over 22 years to a wonderful man named Robert and have two children, Alexis, and Adam. I attended Hammonton Elementary and Middle Schools. In 1993 I graduated from Hammonton High School. In 2020 I graduated from Atlantic Cape Community College with my Associates Degree in Office Systems Technology. I continue to reside in Hammonton, NJ. I have always been extremely interested in writing poetry and short stories since I was incredibly young. I currently have two children / young adult books in a series that has been published entitled “The Mems”. In addition I also have a children's activity book based on mythology called "Bijou". Although I have had poetry published prior in contests and anthologies my upcoming book "Journeys of the Soul" will be my first stand-alone book of poetry.

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