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Trapped by the CEO novel read online - Sydney Rosbak and Alex Reiner - Bravonovel




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Blurb : "A contract marriage?" Sydney said aghast. "Yes, it's not the first contract marriage in history. Why are you so surprised?" Aiden asked. "I know, this kind of things do happen but, with one of the Kardashians, or Amy Irvin, or one of those reality TV stars, not someone normal like me!" He chuckled," thats why I chose you, I like normal." Sydney Rosbak, an art school student and a digital artist had dreams of making it big in the US. She had no idea that she would land in police trouble, and the only person who could save her was Aiden Reiner, Billionaire CEO of Reiner group of industries. Known for his ruthlessness he agreed to help her but at a cost. She would have to become his contract wife for a year. Trapped between the law and Aiden, Sydney had no choice but to agree. The trouble started when she starts falling for his charm.


Aiden I drove my sleek silver Porsche to the landing field and parked it in the Executive garage. Moments later I was sitting on board my flight. I was on my way back to San Francisco. This had been a sweet deal l. Getting the deal signed was easy. But as expected not everything went smoothly, there were always small obstacles and details that needed to be smoothed out. It was business, so it was nothing unusual. At least I would have time to eat something before meeting with the board of directors back home, and I had discovered that it was always easier to deal with business issues with a full stomach. The flight would take a while, so, I decided to use that time wisely and catch some sleep. I lowered the back support and leaned against it in a nice relaxing position, closed my eyes and tried not to think of anything at all. I wasn't sure, but I thought I heard footsteps, and suddenly felt someone standing near me. So, I opened up my eyes and gazed at a gorgeous woman dressed in a tight blue uniform with white cuffs. Her face was elegant and artfully covered with makeup, her black hair tied in a neat bun, she spoke in a low voice. I got the impression that she was trying to make it extra husky. "Good day, my name is Aliya and I'll be serving you on today's flight. Would you like to have something to drink?" "Yes, a whisky would be nice," I replied. She giggled, and looked at me with her deep dark eyes, squinting her eyes a bit as she leaned closer. "Could I tempt you...with some champagne instead?" She smiled at me a little too seductively. I rolled my eyes, Her nameplate flashed in the sunlight, and her words combined with that wiggling hips was a most tempting offer but I was in no mood for playing. "Just a whisky, please and make sure no one disturbs me, I need to catch some sleep. Thank you." I said dismissively. "Sure sir," she replied a little disappointed and left me alone. ****************************** Aiden Malcome Reiner, aged 28, was one of the most sought after billionaire bachelor of the west coast. His great grandfather who hailed from Eastern Europe had shifted base to the USA a year before World War I. He used the great land of opportunity well and made a fortune by dealings in arms and ammunition, in a legal way of course. When his great grandfather passed away, he bequeathed his wealth to his only son, Malcolm Richard Reiner. His son who had inherited the same business acumen expanded their business further by, investing in real estates, land, and oil refineries. Malcolm's son Thomas Malcolm Reiner took over the helm of his empire at the tender age of 26, he had proven to be just as successful in business dealings as his father and grandfather. When he turned 29, he married Aiden's mother, who came from a very wealthy family just like him. Her family's wealth was almost equivalent to theirs, it was a perfect union. The society magazines had gushed about their wedding for months. A year later Aiden was born. Even though Thomas was a doting father, and an ideal husband. He was also a man with raving libido, who was trapped in a marriage of convenience. Gossips about his philandering ways were by no means false. His love affairs were an open secret. His wife was either unaware or didn't care. Whatever might be the case, they never displayed any marital discord at least in public.

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