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His Witch, Her Alpha




Genres: Fantasy, Mystery, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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I choose you; I branded you; you are Mine! His wolf calls her his Luna, but Xavier hates witches. Still, they are bound by the past, by fate, and maybe something more. Elina is a small town witch who is ready to graduate and see the world, but when she starts having dreams about the Alpha of the largest pack in town, her world turns upside down. Mine! He screams at her, but she does not want to be his. "I will not spend my life living amongst dogs." Xavier is hot-tempered and the next Alpha of the Chehalis pack; he has his life all planned out and his luna already chosen. Are is she? Because his wolf calls another woman his queen, and it's the mouthy little witch he can't stop thinking about.


"Elina, stay here, keep the doors locked, and no matter what happens, do not come out." I nod; mom and grandma open the door, then hurry to the house. They disappear in the house, and I am left alone in the dark. Rrrrr, I jump as a loud growl comes from the house, followed by blood-curdling screams. That sounds like mom; fear grips me as I begin to panic. "Mom! Gran!" I shout, grabbing the car door; I unlock it and push it open. I must find them; they are not safe. I scramble out of the car and start running but smack into something and tumble to my feet. I look up at the angry face, boy. I stare at him for a moment; Rrrrr, that sound again followed by screams. I scramble to my feet frantically and try to move past him, but he grabs my hand before I can. "Let go of me! "I scream, tugging my arm but can't break free. I kick his shin, but he does not budge; his grip, however, tightens. "I have to save my mom and grandma, please," I plead with him, but he still does not release me; I cannot wait on him. We are at the Alpha's house; witches and wolves we do not mix. Why are we here? I wonder as I try to pull away again but to no avail. "I'm sorry. "I whisper before saying the incantation that releases his hand and throws him across the lawn; he hits the grass as I run to the door, another growl sounding out, but this time no screams follow. I twist the handle frantically. Mom, grandma, where are you? The door is closed, and it does not budge. I step back, take a deep breath, and whisper another spell to open the door, but it repels, striking me; I stumble back before regaining my footing. That is right because all werewolves have their witches who protect them. I grunt, feeling the side effects of the repelled spell. The growl sounds again as I start pounding on the door. "Mom! Mom! "I knock on the door frantically, but no one answers. As I continue to knock on the door, I feel something grab my arm again like before, only this time with more force. I whimper as he forcefully spins me to him, the boy he is up and angry. My heart pounds in my chest as he inches closer to me. I want to use another spell, but my lips will not move; I am frozen by fear as his obsidian eyes come closer. He stops before me and whispers one word. `"Mine." ************* Elina "Elina, wake up, sweetie." Mom shouts from the hallway as I sit on my bed, trying to make sense of my recurring dream. "I'm up, mom," I reply as she enters my room. "This is a first. Are you excited for Senior year?" "duh, once my senior year is over, I can move out of this Podunk little town and never return." "Why are you so excited to get away from me, my only baby." She wraps her arms around me, pulling my head into her chest. I smile into her warm embrace and mumble. "Mom, you know it's not you, I love you, and I would never leave dad if I could." She pulls away and scowls at me "You can leave me, but can't leave your dad, ungrateful, who carried you for nine months?" "Of course, you did, my beautiful mother." She smiles as I continue. "However, Dad carried on his back of 17 years. "She grabs a pillow from my bed and hits me with it making me chuckle. However, my laughter stops as I recall memories of the dream. "Mom, I had that dream again. "I whisper; she freezes for a second before her face relaxes into a smile.

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Book Type: Digital


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