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Beyond the Veil of Death




Genres: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery




Book Type:Print & Digital

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Naomi Waters-Spike was settling into her new marriage and her new job when she discovered a way to reconnect with the spirit of her dearly departed father. With the help of her friend, the young apprentice wizard Randy, she will undertake a surreal quest into the afterlife to find the closure she so badly needs - and uncover a deadly threat to the entire universe! Can Naomi and her friends unite the forces of Heaven and Hell in time to save all of existence? Find out what lies ahead...Beyond the Veil of Death!

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781959860006

Edition: 1

Publisher: Curious Corvid Publishing


Language: English

Pages: 800

Interior: BW

Keywords: , ,


Robert Enrico Sohl is the collective consciousness of billions of units of microscopic organic matter. He was born and raised in southern New Jersey, but has resided in Virginia for the last few decades. He is a husband and the father to two rather peculiar offspring. He is the author of the Dead End World Series of novels chronicling the unusual adventures of Matt Spike, PI and his friends.

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