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An Innocent Murder (A Spiral to Murder)




Genres: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Book Type:Print

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Five years ago, Brandon Meacham was living what seemed like a peaceful life, For once Everything seemed to go his way. He was doing so well at College and He was in love with the girl of his dreams, Ada Adams. That is until, Clive Powers turned up. Suddenly everything was up in the air, Ada no longer wanted to be with him but instead she preferred Clive. Now 5 Years later, A guilty Clive who was full of guilt for taking his girlfriend decided to help Brandon with a sense of purpose and a new career. He helped him get through medical school all those years ago and wasn't going to stop now. He brought him to the local hospital that he worked at as a Paramedic and helped Brandon with a job as a Junior Doctor. Everything was well it seemed until all Hell Broke loose. Has Brandon and Clive's past come back to haunt them? Only Time will tell!!

Book Details

Book Type: Print

Publisher: Wattpad


Language: English (United Kingdom)

Interior: Color

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hey I am a Wattpad Author that constantly has ideas for books. I am 100 percent dedicated to completing my books and having more stories in the future! I am here on this fantastic site so my work can be seen by more people! I’ve also recently just joined Inkitt with the username Creativecolette

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