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The Czech Book: a Rainee Allen mystery


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Once again, author Rainee Allen finds herself entangled in her third perilous mystery. While in Prague at her friend Shelley’s wedding, a bomb explodes seconds before the nuptials take place, leaving the bride-to-be in a coma. Who planted the bomb and who was the intended target? Was it a coincidence that just one week before, the prized Bohemian Crown Jewels had been stolen? Did any of it have to do with an encoded black book that Shelley handed Rainee before she lost consciousness? Concerned the book may implicate Shelley in the bombing, Rainee keeps the authorities at arm’s length until she can decode the Czech book. Rainee Allen must rely on her own inner strength, tenacity, and commitment to the people she loves, to guide her through this mysterious puzzle.

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Language: English

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