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Pendant of the Golden Rose




Genres: Mystery, Science Fiction, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Print & Digital

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Evil is awakening in Nathomia! As the chain of islands lose their protective shroud, the government is collapsing into turmoil, the sovereign rulers are assassinated, and an evil that had been dormant for centuries has begun to surface. Can anyone help fix this terrible wrong before it's too late? Princess Serria's world is sinking around her. Forced into exile, she enlists the help of a renegade wizard with a grudge against the crown. Can she trust the wizard, Aaron, to help save her sister, or has Serria's faith been misplaced? Aaron's only crime was not serving the royals who forced his kind into slavery. Now he wonders if he can trust Serria. Can helping this princess open her eyes to the oppression of his people, or is she just another selfish royal? Secrets, Sorcery, Sibling Rivalry... Escape to the world of Nathomia in Pendant of the Golden Rose, book one of the Sovereign Rose Saga!

Book Details

Growing up, Rebekah Lorraine always knew she wanted to be a writer. She graduated from the University of North Carolina with degrees in literature and eduction. After ten years of teaching elementary school all around the world, she is finally able to dedicate herself full-time to the craft of creating. Rebekah started A Messy Classroom where she writes children's books and poems that fit into the hands-on curriculum she designed. An avid reader of fantasy and science fiction, Rebekah also loves to write fantasy novels, poetry and short stories for adults. Check out her website to learn more:

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