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The Rainbow Horizon: A Tale of Goofy Chaos (Pacific Northwest Humor Book 1)




Genres: Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Teen & Young Adult


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Book Type:Print & Digital

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This book concerns the insane, healthy, inebriated, satirical adventures of a group of four young friends who meet in the wilds of Washington State. Set in the little town of Rama, the antics of three people of color and one overbearing white Montanan reverberate with the love of life and the apolitical, incorrect universe of those who cannot stay within the rational boundaries of ordinary writing. Tongue in cheek, acerbic and ruthless in its skewering of the literature of people of color, white people and feminism, the book covers stories, romantic tales and cartoon idealism - without letting up for one second. It's a comic farce steeped in the charms of the Pacific Northwest, full of poetry, science fiction, and flurries of bombastic charm mingling with the splendor of how far you can go in life without getting anywhere else. I'm offering this book to be distributed as widely as possible for as cheaply as possible, hopefully completely for free eventually. I want its entire world of readers to simply enjoy my crazy stories, without needing to be economically oriented enough to care in an abstract manner about book sales. Read "The Rainbow Horizon," which sounds like a gay support group (but isn't one really, though it features a few such characters), open your silly-brat eyes wider, and laugh out loud - you will vastly enjoy the sudden ending!


Karen S. Cole has been working on and off about The Rainbow Horizon for at least ten years. It is not the most well written of books, and was never meant to be anything other than a unique kind of thoughtful fluff, running around like a headless chicken, bombastically declaring the nature of all things political as something only worth lampooning and straightening out. The end result is romance combined with friendship, in the little mythical town of Rama, Washington. If you can't see the contents of this book, you're not willing to take things humorously. If you can, you will find a long version of a simple but clever jest, the kind with a punch line that gets you to think. Reflect upon this in terms of the joke, "One day, a rabbi, a priest and a minister walk into a bar - hitting their heads, they all fall down." Plays on words, running gags, background stories that have nothing to do with the book's overall plot - this book is loaded with that sort of thing. I could stand to do more work on it, then I'd feel happier. But it already reads like a straightforward dream about people, one where each person has to decide how to drift subconsciously into the lives of their own making and eventual fulfillment. Well, enough farting around; if you're here only to kill time, read this book and get a laugh out of it!

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781507716212

Edition: 1

Publisher: Rainbow Writing, Inc. | Ghost Writer, Inc.


Language: English (American Samoa)

Pages: 445

Interior: BW

Keywords: , , , ,


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