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Girlfriend For Hire




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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~A Night For A Dime, Cash For My Body, My Dignity For Survival.~ Annabelle Sinclair never believed there is any good left in the world, she's a pessimist who would rather be alone than be with any other, with a heart cold as ice, a face beautiful as Cinderella guys would love to get one taste of her and she took it to her advantage, making the best out of it.


~Annabelle~ I barged into his room, hot tears threatening to spill from my eyes. It took everything in me not to blur my vision with my tears. He lay on his bed playing a game, his eyes darted from the game to me and I couldn't take it anymore, I began to cry. He seems so nonchalant about what was happening to me right now focusing more on his game. "How could you Fallon?" I ask, he provided no answer probably confused. I brought out my phone opening my Instagram to show him what was trending, his latest tweet. "You tweeted, last night was amazing. Never knew virgins could be so great, it was her first time yet I enjoyed every bit. How could you!." I yelled in agony. "I'm sorry babe, I didn't think it would mean anything, I was just excited over being with you. I'll delete it immediately." He picked up his phone and deleted the tweet, surprisingly smiling as nothing happened. "Deleted or not, I'm a trend now. People screenshotted it and it already had thousands of views. How could you be so damn stupid, it's over Fallon, I never want to see your face again! My parents would see or hear of it and what they will think of me, they have high hopes that I'll remain a virgin till I get married " "What's the difference babe, we're getting married anyways." He stood up and earned a resounding slap on the cheek. "You're not getting it, you ruined my life, it's over and don't you dare come close to me. I never, ever want to see your face again." I exclaimed with a tone of finality and stomped out of his room with tears still streaming down my cheeks. My parents went through heaven and earth to get me into this college. I worked effortlessly to get them some money while in it. Worked as a nanny, caretaker, laundry woman, anything to get a few dollars and send to them and now Fallon ruined everything and there's no way I'm coming back from it. My reputation down the drain. Every place I went, fingers were pointed at me. They called me "The Virgin Lady." This was ironic since I lost it to Fallon last night. I had dreams, goals and ambitions. I wanted to be successful and make everyone proud. I even thought I had the perfect boyfriend to support me but instead, reality slapped me on the cheek. I should never have thought I was in love with him or that the world was any good, most people stand by you but once this sort of thing gets out, they desert you like flies. Now I'm alone in the world with no one to help me. Doesn't matter because no matter what I'll make it. Just when I thought everything was over, something else happened. I just got out of class after the female lecturer called me aside giving me a lecture on what I did, the funny thing was that she didn't care to know anything. She found out I have my virginity away to a guy, he tweeted about it and I was suddenly trending and she felt the need to offer some motherly advice. I sat by for the next hour as she talked. I nodded my head occasionally until she was done, hung my bag over my shoulders and made my way out of her class. The night was still young as most students were still outside. I cuddled myself walking towards my dorm room. I walked past a footpath which was a bit lonely. And then, I saw two shadows hovering over me.

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