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The Wealthy and the Rich




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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The Wealthy and the Rich novel is a romance story about Casper Simpson. You can read this novel online on Bravonovel and keep track of the latest chapters.


Lunchtime was almost over, so the busy canteen was slowly turning quiet. As opposed to all other students who were chatting happily with their friends, a boy with a plain haircut and washed-out clothes was sitting alone in the corner. He caressed his rumbling stomach and was staring at the leftovers on the table. He waited until almost all the students were gone before he ran to the dining tables and grabbed some leftover bread from the tray. Before anyone knew it, he already shoved it into his mouth. The students, who were still in the canteen, were flabbergasted when they saw that. They probably thought that it was ridiculous how a starving student could still exist in the civilized time they lived in. “F*cking assh*le. It's the twenty-first century. Why is he still forcing me to play this game?” grumbled the boy sadly as he gobbled the leftovers down. “Casper? Casper Simpson?” Just then, a surprised voice with a hint of distaste came at him. Casper, who was still munching on the leftover bread, turned around to see the woman with heavy makeup on. “What are you doing?” “Eating!” The lady was slightly stunned. A discriminating and disdainful smile crept up on her lips almost immediately after. “Hah, good thing Kitty is dumping you soon. It'd be so embarrassing otherwise because strangers would assume that everyone in our dorm is a poor sap.” Boom! A loud explosion went off in Casper's mind as it turned blank. He couldn't believe it. His girlfriend, who once promised to stay by his side even if they had to starve, would actually leave him. He didn't really have the time to think about it before he turned around and dashed towards the school's main entrance. A brand new BMW pulled up at the entrance, and a couple exited it. The boy who came out of it was not blessed with aesthetic beauty. In fact, he was rather short and looked a little like an imp. The girl wasn't an exotic beauty either, but she looked youthful and sweet. Casper panted when he reached the entrance. Seeing the couple exiting the car together instantly petrified him. The girl who was hugging the rich man's arm was Kitty Campbell. She was Casper's girlfriend of six months. The rich man, on the other hand, was Charlie Whittaker. Casper hated the guy because the latter tapped into his family's wealth to become a class prefect. Charlie was also a bully who had a lot of subordinates following him around. “Kitty!” That was the name Casper had called out countless times, but at that moment, those words sounded bitter when they slipped out of Casper's lips. Kitty was wearing a beautiful smile on her lips at the time, but hearing Casper's voice got her to stiffen. Despite that, she showed no hint of remorse when she turned to him. Charlie, whose family's wealth spoilt him, was glaring discriminatingly at Casper at that moment. “I wanted to talk to you in private about this, but you caught me, so I guess that's that. Please stop dropping by and visiting me, Casper. I'm with Charlie now, and I don't want to upset him.” Casper stumbled backward. He couldn't believe that his girlfriend, the one who used to declare her love for him, had turned into someone that materialistic and cruel. “Did you not hear what Kitty said, you penniless fool? Leave!”

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