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A Player in Love novel is a romance story about Keira Whitlaw and Tyler Emerson. You can read this novel on Bravonovel app or web.


Keira Whitlaw found it hard to breathe, as if something heavy had been pressed against her body. Some time later, a man got to his feet and put on his clothes with an impassive expression. His neat collars, diamond cufflinks, and immaculate white shirt were in stark contrast with a particular area in the room. The man took a glance at her and realized that she had passed out. “Happy birthday, Keira… Whitlaw?” The man’s thin lips curved into a disdainful smile, as if he had no regard for anything in this world. A sinister glint flashed across his dark eyes, which seemed able to devour everything. There was a sense of recklessness and impudicity on his perfect-looking face. He didn’t even want to stay for one more second as he quickly put on his black jacket and opened the door. Then, he stepped out of the room and disappeared into the crowd. A while later, a loud thump was heard as the sound of the door being opened forcefully broke through the air, which was followed by a commotion. After the reporters streamed into the room and saw the sight before their eyes, they immediately knew that they had found the headline for the next day. Therefore, they hurriedly started taking pictures as their camera flashes illuminated the dark room. It’s so noisy... Keira scowled and opened her eyes, only to be dazzled by the flashing lights in front of her, so she subconsciously raised her left hand to block her face. However, before she could figure out what was going on, a deafening yell could be heard in the room. “Keira, how can you do this to me?!” When Keira made out the face of the raging man, her mind turned completely blank. “Jonathan…” After she called out to him, she immediately realized that she had lost her virginity. Among all the chaos, she hurriedly pulled the quilt around her tighter and started crying in silence. Perhaps it was the flashes that irritated her eyes, or perhaps it was her heart that was wounded… The expression on Jonathan Lowry’s handsome face was filled with coldness. His gentleness in the past seemed to have turned into ruthlessness now. Keira couldn’t find any hint of tenderness on his face anymore—what was left was fury and stone-heartedness. The atmosphere around him was so glacial that it was as though the air had frozen. When the camera flash once again shone on Keira’s embarrassed face, she felt as if countless arrows had pierced through her heart. What’s going on? “I… Jonathan, please believe me. I…” Keira’s pale lips were trembling slightly, but she didn’t know how she could explain herself. “Are you trying to say you didn’t cheat on me?” Jonathan snorted as his eyes turned even more glacial. Staring at her, he uttered in a steadfast manner, “A shameless woman like you isn’t worth my love. Keira Whitlaw, I have to call off the marriage!” He said he wants to call off the marriage? Keira was so shocked that her mind started buzzing. “No, Jonathan…” Jonathan didn’t look at her again as if she was the biggest eyesore in the world. Turning around in a fit of rage, he pushed the crowd away and stormed out of the room. Watching the heartless man leave, Keira felt like her heart was going to break apart. It had been four years since they got together, so she couldn’t believe that her boyfriend, who had always treated her tenderly, would leave her just like this.

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