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"Fruitless" Romance




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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"Fruitless" Romance novel is a Romance story about Summer Woods and Edward Barnett. You can read this novel online on Bravonovel


The howling winds and raging thunder outside the Barnett Residence were incredibly loud. Even so, those sounds did not affect the beautiful lady lying on the bed. Summer Woods was sleeping soundly due to a high fever. In her drowsy state, she felt somebody lie down next to her. All of a sudden, that person abruptly reached out to grab the hand she placed above the blankets. Squeezing her hand tightly, a wave of cold and sharp pain instantly washed over her entire body. Before she could even react, she heard the man’s low and hoarse voice saying something extremely contemptuous. “Summer Woods, you look like a slut waiting to be f*cked. Are you that desperate?” That man’s alluringly thin lips were tightly pressed together. However, the voice that came out of those lips was frosty—it was as cold as ice. Those words of his instantly woke her up from her slumber. At the same instant, his chilly eyes narrowed abruptly. His large, fair hands grabbed her by the chin as he glared at her with a stern gaze. “Do you know the consequences of challenging my boundaries? You pretentious woman!” “L-Let go!” Unfortunately, her voice that was hoarse from the high fever sounded more like a thinly-veiled invitation to him instead. That short little sentence made the aura surrounding him become more frightening, and the strength of his grip involuntarily increased. Without warning, he threw aside the blankets that were tightly wrapped around her. The look in his eyes was unusually savage as his large hands ripped apart her pajamas without mercy. She panicked. The memory of what happened at the hotel three years ago surfaced in her mind again. He had been completely drunk, but she still had a trace of reason left in her… Despite resisting his advances back then, she had been powerless against him. In the end, she had no choice but to painfully endure the feeling of the man ravaging her like a beast. “No! Let go!” “Let go? Hah; you look like you want to spread your legs for me.” Her struggles made him livid. What a shameless woman! Just touching her makes me sick! “You’re waiting for me to f*ck you, aren’t you?!” His voice was bitter and cold; he sounded like Satan himself. At the same time, the temperature of their surroundings seemed to drop instantly because of his words. “No! I am not!” Knock. Knock. Knock. “Young Master Edward, Young Mistress Summer, Old Madam Barnett wants to meet you in the living room.” Just then, the respectful voice of the Barnett Family butler, Sebastian Hopkins, sounded from outside the door and interrupted the man’s vicious actions. Taking advantage of the man’s sudden pause in movements, Summer used all the strength she had in her body to push the unsuspecting man away from her. Then, she speedily got out of bed and cowered in a corner of the room. She tightly wrapped the clothes the man had torn to shreds around her body while trembling all over. Turning around, she saw the man’s chilly expression clearly. She met his cold sword-like gaze, lifting her eyes to look at him despite her fear. Her hoarse voice was mixed with a sense of detachment. “Mr. Barnett, I would never bother you unless it was inevitable.”

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