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Abbigail is a secret writer, and her social life seriously sucks. She stood witness to the previous year's car crash, as she is now racing against time to finish her latest book and to make sure that a stalker doesn't find out her secret. Matt, who's best friend was in the crash, decides to finally talk to Abbigail about the crash, as they are both trying to figure out this mystery. Alice, who was in the accident, escapes the mental institute and is running loose in town. Will Abbigail's book be ever finished? Will Tom's death finally have the closure it deserves?


... Hearing a car behind me thundering down the road, I turn to see who was in such a hurry. It’s Tom and Alice, and not thinking anything more about it, I continue my walk as they speed along past me. Giving a quick glance, I see that they are not happy about something. Alice has a scowl on her face. Relationship problems again, I recon. I turn my attention to the woods again and suddenly hear an earth-shattering crash that will haunt me for years...

Book Details

Book Type: Digital

ISBN-13: 9781794861381

Edition: 3



Language: English

Pages: 112

Interior: BW

Keywords: , , , ,


I am an author and editor of two online published e-books. I have been writing for about 5 years now. I am from South Africa, living in a very small town, where almost nothing entertaining happens. I am also a Frontend Web Developer, with a particular flair for HTML and CSS. Reactjs is a new found hobby and I am hungraly learning this new language. I have been studying coding for the past two years, and I am eager to help you find your web solution. My Frontend skills all include HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Reactjs. If there is a need for a different language, I will step up to the challange.

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