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American Horror Story St. Augustine




Genres: Horror, Mystery, Paranormal


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**** New York Time Best Seller Nominee **** **** A return to actual spooky stories, that keep you on the edge of your seat – Haunted World **** St. Augustine Florida is famous for being one of Americas oldest Cities, millions of people travel there yearly for the food, water, and history. But like any old city, you also have years of murder, crime and more that can lead to the city becoming one of the most haunted cities in the world. Featured in this book is a collection of short stories based around St. Augustine Florida. Paranormal stories having to do with greed, murder, cursed locations, and even ghosts who don’t even know they are dead and refuse to move on. Stories: Matanzas Treasure The Run Mary Walker Old Jail House Castillo de San Marcos Deep Love Last Resident The Writer The Writer’s Story Reviews: Haunted World – 4.5 Stars Facebook – Over 500,000 Likes “A true page turner.” - WSJ “About time we have new stories from our Oldest City” - Historic City Mag “Can’t wait for your next book.” Judy from Seattle “Couldn’t stop thinking about how I could be looking at a ghost and not a real person in the distance.” Mitch from Tampa “Love the short stories” Erika from Washington DC “Some were a very graphic, but I still read it twice.” Donald from Maine “Was at the jail house and I thought I saw the sheriff looking down at me!” - Travel Mag “I would kill too if someone stole from me…lol” - Todd from Orlando

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Publisher: Nightmare Publishing


Language: English

Pages: 154

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Refunds: No

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