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Grandma the Barbarian




Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Humor & Entertainment



Book Type:Print & Digital

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Chuck wishes he had a normal grandma. Puberty can be a difficult and confusing time in any boy’s life, and 11-year-old Chuck just wants to be like all the other boys—navigating school crushes, humiliating bullies, popping awkward boners are all part of Chuck’s daily battles—and he would give anything to just blend in. Unfortunately for Chuck, his grandma is anything but ordinary. Interdimensionally infamous Edith the Bone Muncher is a 10-foot tall, bikini-clad, battle-axe-wielding barbarian badass—and she’s come to visit her favorite grandson. Chuck wants nothing more than for his grandma to trade in her battle-axe for a pair of knitting needles. Like every adolescent boy in history, Chuck is about to be mortified by his family. What should be a quiet backyard visit, soon turns into a wild adventure involving bikers, bars, a man-eating horse, and a bloody battle for honor when Chuck is forced to show his grandma around town. Can these two misfits spend the entire day together without getting each other killed? GRANDMA THE BARBARIAN is a hard-boiled bizarro fiction novella with a lot of heart, plenty of gore, and the importance of family and keeping your axe blade sharp. Join the adventure and read GRANDMA THE BARBARIAN today!

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

Publisher: Warts and All


Language: English

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Trinity Zook was raised in deep, dark, East Texas. Like all great American authors, Trinity passionately avoided the outdoors and amused himself with a childhood squandered watching horror, science fiction, cartoons, and Britcoms—living proof that too much television will rot your brain like so much zombie-enticing pâté. Trinity has crafted over a dozen scary stories including DUST BUNNIES FROM OUTER SPACE, ATTACK OF THE KILLER CARTS, ABSTINENCE ANDY, and THE WRONG WAY MAN. Trinity’s audio play, “THE WIDOW LAKE MONSTER VS KILLCO,” was produced by the Pandemic Collective of Colorado. When he’s not creating horrifying and bizarre tales of fiction, or assuring people that yes, Trinity is totally a guy’s name (he’s checked), he is the owner and producer of The Super Absurdist horror narration channel on YouTube. He currently thrives in The Lone Star State with his dogs, Jake and Levi, and is still cultivating that oh-so-delightful TV brain rot.

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