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Favors For Norse Gods




Genres: Fantasy, Horror

Book Type:Digital

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This was a story I originally posted as a series to NoSleep, a horror subreddit where everything is in character. I'm now also uploading here as a single story. It follows the perspective of a young man named, Reggie. On a walk, he finds a cursed necklace that enables him to see an Eldritch abomination in the sky. Under the advice of a commenter, he seeks the help of the Norse gods since the creature may be related to them. Unfortunately for him, the god he ends up contacting is none other than, Loki. He along with his wife, Sigyn, and Son, Fenrir force him to assist in horrifying tasks. Will Reggie survive this? Read to find out. If you enjoy this story, support is greatly appreciated.


Approaching us, was a horse with one of its front legs missing. I could plainly see that parts of its flesh had rotted away, exposing its skull. Looking into its empty eye sockets caused me to feel as though I was staring into a void. What fur it did have was deeply pale and almost seemed to glow. What scared me even more than it was its rider. She emitted equal parts bitterness and rage. A pitch-black cloak covered her. Over her face, she wore a half gold and silver mask. It resembled the comedy and tragedy masks except it didn't convey any emotion. Her eyes, however, did. They glowed a piercing blue. In them, I could see both rage and resentment. She held a large clear scythe with bits of frost stuck to it.

Book Details

Book Type: Digital

Publisher: Wattpad, Voyce.Me, and r/NoSleep


Language: English

Pages: 200

Keywords: , , ,


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